So you've made the jump into the world of essential oils. Now what?! There are soooo many uses for essential oils. It's almost overwhelming at first so I recommend starting slow. Write down your ailments and/or needs and start from there. You can make oil "recipes" to treat skin conditions, you can mix up a batch of pain cream or even use them individually in your favorite brownie batter. SO MANY USES! 


A few quick tips:

  • Always store your essential oil recipes in glass jars & containers.  If you are worried about breakage try to find food-grade, BPA-free plastics. 
  • There are a million different carrier oils to use!  Start simple and build your collection from there.  If all you have is olive oil now, great!  Use it!  I personally love coconut, safflower & vitamin E oil for my recipes.
  • Pinterest is amazing for finding fun and new recipes, but I always make sure to double check safety in my Essential Oils Pocket Reference.  This is THE book to have for everything essential oils.  I call it my "Oily Bible"!
  • Some Young Living essential oils can be taken internally. When using capsules to ingest oils, make a batch ahead of time and place them in a zip lock bag in the freezer. This saves time in the mornings and keep the capsules from dissolving.
  • Keep a stash of  Mason Jars handy. These are great for storing creams and also for pouring left over water/eo mixtures from your diffuser. 

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