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Friday Favorites | Paper Plane Lane

As a boy Mom, I know the struggle of finding stylish, durable, high quality clothes that aren't too "kiddy" looking. My son is almost 7 and when he was an infant and young toddler my options were Gap, J Crew and the like which were NOT cheap. I wanted him to look nice, but it killed me to send him to daycare or to head out for the day in a nice, expensive outfit only for it to get spit up on or maybe even become the victim of a diaper blowout. ( feel me, right?!) 

My friends at Paper Plane Lane have solved this problem for boy Moms everywhere! (Girl Moms, don't fret, they have clothes and accessories for the Princess in your life as well!) The idea started when Stacy and Matt had their son, Breaker. They searched high and low for hip, stylish, comfrotable clothes for Breaker and didn't find much. Sure, there were boutiques on Instagram, but nothing local to us. They decided, along with their friend and cousin, Brandi, to start their own online boutique! And it is awesome! 

Paper Plane Lane features designs from other small businesses from all over the country as well as a few designs of their own. Their Peace, Love and Naps shirt, shown below, is one of my favs! 

And a few of my other favorites listed on their site:

Shop local and support small business! Visit Paper Plane Lane today and tell them I said "Hi!"