st. martinville

Amy + Ben | St. Martinville, LA wedding photographer

A couple of months ago I was contacted by my friend, and fellow photographer, Anna-Vaughn asking if I would be interested in photographing her brothers wedding. I was a little hesitant because it was very last minute and a sense of panic took over. I'm a serious planner and not knowing what I was getting myself into was a little unnerving. (Photographers like to get to know their brides beforehand and get a feel for the vibe of their big day.) Reluctantly, I agreed and I arrived at the ceremony site about two weeks later.

On my trip to The Manor in St. Martinville, LA, I got a little nervous. Not because I was heading to shoot a wedding, but because the sky was black as night and it was only 4:30 in the afternoon. Knowing I was arriving to what was supposed to be an outdoor wedding, I wasn't sure what I would be faced with. 

As I walked up the stairs I see the bride, Amy, looking off the balcony at the sky. She was trying to decide what to do about the weather/ceremony situation. I immediately chimed in and helped her relax about the decision. I persuaded her to go through with the outdoor ceremony because she voiced that her heart was set on having it in the courtyard. I assured her that my adorable bubble umbrella would be with me at all times and she would be covered if it did rain. I told her to roll with the punches and enjoy her special day. 

Luckily, my instincts were right. Not a drop of rain throughout the entire ceremony! When I left the reception that night Amy thanked me for convincing her to stick with her original plans. She said that I made her day because having an outdoor wedding ceremony was her dream. And I have to say...her dreams did come true. Her wedding and reception were perfect! Amy and Ben are the nicest people I have ever met and the rest of their family and friends were so welcoming. It was a nice feeling going into a situation "cold turkey" and hoping for the best. Their wedding sealed the deal for me to finally bite the bullet and add weddings to my offerings. I've found a new love!